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Pubblicato: Venerdì, 08 Luglio 2016 Scritto da Press office Trisome Games 2016

For the City of Florence is an honor to host the Trisome Games 2016, the first Olympic Games for athletes with Down syndrome to be held in our city from July 15th to 22nd. It is a sport event of exceptional importance for all the City, because we will host the world’s largest event dedicated to sports with Down syndrome. The sport is the source and engine of social inclusion, is the medium that breaks down all the prejudices and the international event to be held in our city this summer is one example beacuse it combines competitiveness, sport and social commitment. More than thousand people, including technical staff and athletes will be coming from all countries of the world and will compete, trying to outdo themselves and bringing out their best qualities. While we are working to ensure adequate sporting facilities, excellent services and quality standards worthy of an Olympiad, the whole town is mobilized for the organization of Trisome Games. I take this opportunity to welcome all the athletes who will take part and to make them a great good luck. We will be there to cheer. Viva lo sport, Viva Firenze!

Again Tuscany discloses itself a model for ideas, quality,innovation and hospitality can compete at any level in Italy and in the world. The organization of the first edition of Trisome Games is part of this pattern of sociability which this land has always been the bearer.
Almost a thousand athletes, coaches and executives credited with 36 participating countries, gives an idea of the scope of this event, with the certainty that our territory will be able to accommodate at best and respond good, with the necessary efficiency, organizational ability and quality services .
This event will be a time of growth for all of us because it will increase the knowledge and the real integration.

We are proud that Tuscany and Florence are home for the first edition Trisome Games, the Olympic Games for athletes with Down Syndrome nearly 900 accredited athletes from around the world and a large numbers of volunteering not only Tuscan.
Hosted here this international sporting event organized very similar to the Olympic Games is a great pride, beyond that a big challenge for the whole territory. It represents the recognition and the crowning of the principle that inspires policies regional Tuscan about sports, social and even health: give everyone the opportunity to enjoy sports activities, setting in motion active processes of social inclusion, actively promote accessibility culture, founded on the recognition of equal dignity and equal opportunities for all, even at a competitive level, against any discrimination.
I am sure that the Trisome Games 2016 are a great opportunity not only for the many athletes accredited for this edition, but for the entire regional community.

In my capacity as Dean of the Consular Corps of Florence bringing together the Consuls of fifty countries, many of which are representatives of the participating countries to Trisome Games 2016 to be held in Florence from 15 July, it is with great pleasure that I wish to send a greeting welcome on behalf of colleagues and myself to all participants. It’s needless to stress the importance of this event dedicated to the athletes affected by Down syndrome.
It’s well-known as the sport is often the most suitable medicine - under many profiles - to alleviate the disability that affect so many of our young people.
I am sure that, thanks to a perfect capillary organization, the event will have the success it deserves and that wish with all my heart.
Good luck and may the best win.

It is my joy as a Florentine, a paralympic athlete and president of LOC, to greet all those who will participate in the first Trisome Games.
I am certain that Florence will welcome all the athletes warmly and will offer each one the possibility to enjoy its many artistic and natural delights.
I am an athlete who has participated in many international events, and knowing that now a similar event is taking place in my city, in the year of the Paralympiads, fills me with pride.
Our staff and the people involved in organizing the Games are doing their best to leave with each of you a lovely memory and I am sure that when you meet them you will appreciate them not only for what they are doing but especially for what wonderful people they are.
I await you, numerous and enthusiastic.

Dear Friends, I have been back to Florence again and the atmosphere is very exciting. I met with the deputy Mayor of Florence and it is quite clear that the City of Florence is backing this event with great enthusiasm.   Florence is such a beautiful city and I know you will enjoy seeing some of its sights in
between your competitions.
I am looking forward to seeing all the teams and welcoming so many friends to this fantastic event. I did meet many of you at the Open European Swimming in Loano, Italy, and again in Italy for the World Gymnastics in Mortara and then in Bloemfontein, in South Africa at the World Athletics and Table Tennis. Finally, although Skiing is not at the Trisome Games I met many athletes with Down syndrome at the Skiing Championships in Chiesa Valmalenco and some of the skiers are also taking part in other sports and are coming to Florence.
I have been very excited by all the new athletes who are registering with SU-DS and the new countries that are coming to our Championships for the first time.    So, as well as some new athletes to compete with, there will also be a lot of new friends to make.
I hope your training is going well and your plans to travel to Florence are well under way.
It’s now only a few weeks to go and then we will all meet in Florence.
Until then, best wishes to you all.

The Trisome 2016 Games represent an important moment for the whole Paralympic movement, the last frontier that the Paralimpism aims to reach, giving also to the athletes with Down syndrome the opportunity to demonstrate that they are extraordinary and they are extraordinary because their race performance are extraordinary.
A new cultural approach, even before sports, allows us to achieve an important goal such as that an event which is preparing to host - in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, in Europe and in the world - a multicultural event that unites peoples and people of different races and color under a single, largest sport flag.
In this extraordinary effort to show the quality of the athletes with Down syndrome, Italy has been representing a reference point for many other countries, not only for its inclusive culture, but also for the strong sensibility that the world of sport has always shown towards the “diversity” through the great family which is the Italian Paralympic Committee.
I hope that Florence and the Trisome Games 2016 will be a time of deep cultural demarcation line, where, through a sporting event you can improve the quality of life of these people and our society.
I will be happy to live this exciting event with YOU!



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