Woel Congress Forum on Down Syndrome

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July 19th at Hrs. 8.45 in Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio will be held the WORLD CONGRESS FORUM ON DOWN SYNDROME.

Here the greetings and the invitation of the President of LOC TRISOME GAMES 2016 Alessio Focardi and of the Congress Director Giorgio Galanti.

This is the first edition of Trisome Games, an exceptional event which is not only a sports competition, or at least which decline to be just that. Over the years the Italian Paralympic Committee has shown that it isn’t a simple Committee that deals to manage disabled sports, but who is a true dispenser of culture, culture of equality, integration, sociability, resilience, things that all its athletes are able to communicate, whatever is their disability. Therefore a global event, like the Trisome Games, seemed to be the perfect stage to investigate the issue involving athletes from the five continents, who come in Florence to compete trying to win each of them in their sport.

This is the reason why at the first edition of the Trisome Games, the Local Organizing Committee decided to add a debate on medical, scientific and general aspects regarding this, seemingly odd combination, of disability and sport. Infact if the sport activity is universally recognized as a real cure-all, for the population with Down Syndrom sport is a true medicament, useful against many pathologies typical of these subjects.

In the last years the life expectancy of the Syndrome Down population has grown significatively, arriving near 62 years old, and if today’s disabled athletes are able to compete in many sports, this is also due to the progresses that medical knowledge has acquired in recent years, thanks to the basic and applied research.

The international speakers who will take part at this conference will help us to make a reflection on to the future of disability and of the sporting activities.

Alessio Focardi
LOC President Trisome Games 2016

Giorgio Galanti
Congress Director



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